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“We operate in the printing industry in VietNam with more than 15 years of experience. Our goal is to provide printing products to our customers all over the world with quality products, in quick time, at the lowest price!.”


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Printing in Vietnam - New reliable partner

1. Price
Saving costs when you use printing products in Vietnam that's for sure
Even the cost of printing is cheaper than in China because the labor cost is very low.
Come to us beautiful Vietnam
2. Quantily
The quantity you order to print is not limited, although the quantity is small, with many different products.
Our staff will serve you
3. Quality
There is little doubt that there are some excellent printers in Viet Nam – but, just as there are in other countries, there are some terrible ones too. Telling the difference can be very tricky – and you will need to work with a trusted partner to ensure that you are getting the best print quality available.
4. Customs
Importing goods into the US can be complicated. Goods coming from Europe have significantly fewer issues than those coming from Viet Nam. In the main this is due to the paperwork which is presented. We are highly experienced and work with reliable import agents – reducing the risk of materials being held unduly.
5. Labor
Whilst there is little doubt that there have been significant improvements over recent years, Viet Nam does not protect her workers to the same degree as Europe.
6. Materials
The European Union imposes strict regulations on the treatment of paper and inks. You can rest assured that the paper stocks and inks used in Europe meet the highest of international standards. The same cannot be said about the paper stocks, and, especially so, the inks used in Viet Nam. This creates an environmental consideration which must be built into your evaluation of price proposals.
7. Timelines
When you print outside of the US you will need to build extra time into your production schedule. Not for the production itself, this will often be comparable. But for the transport. Prices are kept low across the board – and this includes the delivery options. If you need to shave few days off the schedule you may find yourself facing substantial additional transport costs.

8. Tradition
Europe has a deep tradition of printing. It is a skilled profession that stretches across generations and there is a strength of commitment to quality and finishing that ensures that each print project is treated with an impressive level of care. Family run printers that have a four or five generation history are commonplace across Europe. And these printers take a pride in their work which is hard to find in countries without this tradition.
9. Language
Despite the many Chinese who speak excellent English, there are technical terms which can lead to confusion. It is often a concern that what was ordered is not – in the end – what is delivered.
Whilst this is often true with European printers, our brokerage is English and Spanish speaking, and we have a great stable of printers with whom we have worked for many years. Our contacts all speak English or Spanish – and this eliminates the risk of confusion. Simple errors such as gloss or silk coatings on paper stocks can cause major problems with clients.

So how do you choose?
Whilst many people are looking to Viet Nam for the competitive pricing, the smart print buyers are looking to Europe.
They are finding pricing which satisfies their need to reduce costs without compromising on quality. At the same time they are working in an environment which is culturally and linguistically aligned.
If you are considering Viet Nam for your print requirements, ask us for a quote. You might be surprised at how well we compare.
Coming to Vietnam is your new key in your business